Playlist - Click Here | Contact Us - Click Here The format is called Hot CHR (only upbeat Top 40 & dj remixed tracks).
Web Player Not Working? Click On One Of The Speakers There's NO Dj's - Competitions - Time Calls - Weather Etc & Songs Repeat A Lot!
USA Server Australian Server You will get a splash of news (during the working week).
There is no intention to be "all things" to "all listeners" we'll leave that to the other guys.
We are attempting to remain inside the lines of Narrowcasting while offering the best alternative that we can!
Radio Wow is NOT a Community or Commercial License.
Broadcasting From Australia's Cotton Capital!  Radio Wow operates on a LPON (Low Power Open Narrowcasting) licenses.
Wee Waa 88.0 FM (On Air)  
Streaming Anywhere Internet Is Available!  
Friday 6pm - Encore Replay Tuesdays 12 Noon 
Ph 1800 646 376 (Toll Free)
Here's What We Are Playing:
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Here's The Last Few We've Given A Spin:
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Monday 12 Noon 9 pm Friday after the Hot 30 - Encore is on Format 3 Saturday 8pm